Why Chatbots?

Messaging Apps, the #1 way customers communicate today

For first time ever people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks. There are 1.2 Billion Users in Facebook Messenger alone, 500 millions on Skype, and billions in other platforms.

Developers love Chatbots

Huge adoption by Chatbot Developers, growing faster than Mobiles Developers did. There are 100 000 chatbots already in Facebook Messenger alone.

Users love Chatbots

Chatbots shows same retention rate as Mobile Apps. Conversational user experience is lovely, is what we humans have been doing for at least 50 000 years.

Backed by AI

Natural Langue Processing, Machine Learning, Cognitive services and the power and scale of the Cloud, are here for us in an unmatched technological precedent, accessible to all of us, making the perfect soup for Chatbots to perform.

Chatbots shine for Customer Support

Automated solution for self-service in conversational way? We have always implemented this, wanted this, dreamed this. From IVRs to webChats; now Chatbots expands our self-service capabilities to billions of users in a unified platform.

The future of Customer Interaction,
has the face of a Bot.